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About Counties

There are approximately 3100 counties in the United States, depending on how you count the Independent Cities and counties that have merged into other counties.  We use the historic county designations, with independent cities included in the county they came from. Alaska has no counties, and of course Louisiana’s parishes are county equivalents.  National Parks will be treated as county equivalents on this website, particularly if they reside in more than one county or state geographically.   

We can’t post all 3100 counties at once, but we’ll strive to add material as fast as time allows.  BUT: There are many counties from which material is sparse.  Agricultural counties, especially in the South or on the High Plains, tend to have small populations and little in the way of scenic attractions or historic events.  I’m sure there are counties from which I’ve never seen 10 items, much less have that many in stock.  At various times I have sold all my holdings in some states, notably Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee and Delaware, so there might be a paucity of lots for some areas.

If there are counties you do not see listed but would like to collect, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

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