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Buying and Selling

If you are a seasoned collector, or a thematic collector, there might only be one or two items in a county Lot that is of interest to you.  Is it worth it to buy the Lot?  Consider this:  We will allow anyone who buys a Lot from this website to re-post the material they don’t want from that Lot for re-sale on the website.  Just take out the items you want to keep, add any items from that county that you might want to sell, decide what price you want for the Lot, and we will post it for sale on the website.  The posting is free, but if it sells, there will be a commission charged to cover our expenses.  While the Lot is posted on the website, you would keep the items.  If the Lot sells, you would mail it directly to the buyer through USPS, insured with delivery confirmation.  You would be responsible for the cost of this shipping.  When the buyer notifies us that they received the order, we would send you a check for your share of the sale.

Can this website be used to sell county Lots from your own collection, even if you did not purchase a Lot from us?  Yes, but we would charge a commission for the sale. You would keep the material with you until it sells and then follow the same process for shipping and payment outlined above.

If you want to sell items on this website, please contact us to discuss the CollectbyCounty sales commission which varies based on the cost of the item sold.

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