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Montgomery County, PA (53 items)

Montgomery County, PA (53 items)
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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA        53  items    $215 postpaid
       Established: September 10, 1784       County seat: Norristown         1900 population: 138,995

Abingdon 1968 machine cancel on cover
Audubon (1899-1962) 1962 4-bar on Postal card; diff. 1962 4-bar on csc
Bergey (1889-1959) LD 1949 4-bar on cover
Bethayres (1890-1958) 1958 duplex on Postal card
Bethayrea-Huntindon Valley (1858-1966) 1966 4-bar on Postal card; 1966 machine cancel on csc
Blue Bell 1948 4-bar backstamp on Postal card
Bryn Mawr 1892 cds on cover, Bryn Mawr College corner; 1976 machine cancel on cover
Center Square RS 1964 4-bar on FD csc
Cheltenham 1882 oval pm Postal card
Colmar 1975 machine cancel on cover
Creamery 191? 4-bar on post card
Delphi (1884-1964) 1958 4-bar on Postal card
Eagleville 1964 4-bar on FD csc
Franconia 1963 4-bar on LD csc
Graterford (1907-1959) 1959 duplex on Postal card, PM autograph; 1959 double circle on LD cover; 1959 4-bar on Postal card
Hallowell (1901-1959) 1959 4-bar on LD cover. PM autograph
Hatfield 1908 duplex on post card
Huntingdon Valley 1966 4-bar on FD csc
Jarrettown (1866-1971) 1884 cds on cover
Jenkintown 1975 machine cancel on cover
King of Prussia (1837/1958) 1958 4-bar on Postal card, round dater backstamp
Lansdale 1970 machine cancel on cover
Limerick (1828-1962) 1062 4-bar on LD csc
Limerick B 1962 F4-bar on FD csc
Maple Glen 1961 4-bar on cover, PM autograph
Meadowbrook (1892-1957) 1911 4-bar on post card
Merion Station 1910 duplex on post card
Narberth 1973 machine cancel on cover
Norristown 1902 Registered (straight line) on cover;1969 machine Zip Code slogan cancel on cover
Obelisk (1882-1960) 1960 4-bar on LD cover, PM autograph
Ogontz Center (1951-1962) 1951 4-bar on FD Postal card (also LD Ogontz School)
Ogontz School (1888-1951) 1926 4-bar on cover
Palm 1891 cds on cover
Pennsburg 1970 machine cancel on cover
Philmont Club (1915-1955) 1955 4-bar on Postal card
Rahns (1923-1959) 1959 4-bar on cover
Roslyn (1895-1959) 1959 duplex on LD cover
Schwenkville (1880-1951) 1907duplex on post card [overstruck Allentown); Post card: Spring Mountain House [chrome]
Sumneytown 1910 Doane on post card
Trappe (1832-1929) 1907 Doane on post card [view of Ursinus College], 1929 4-bar on cover, PM autograph
Vernfield Post card: Vernfield on pennant
West Point 1978 machine cancel on cacheted Centennial cover
Worcester 1972 4-bar on cover

Wynnewood 1974 machine cancel on cover


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Montgomery County, PA (53 items)
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Montgomery County, PA (53 items)
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